• 1.1. country woman
  • 1.2. brain damaged chile (slight retard)
  • 1.3. one sharp knife
  • 1.4. flight 103
  • 1.5. termite man
  • 1.6. skitzoid brain
  • 1.7. life's a bitch
  • 1.8. now she's dead (warp mix)

demented are go

the day the earth spat blood

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Written, recorded and mixed in literally three days of time, DEMENTED ARE GO's "THE DAY THE EARTH SPAT BLOOD" is without a doubt a psychobilly classic! Originally released on vinyl in 1989 by the mighty Link Records, this hard rockin' mini-album got issued on CD through various occasions, but a reissue was never in the works. Until now that is! Because nearly 30 years(!) after its original release, REBELLION RECORDS is proud to announce the official re-release of this cult album!