• 1.1. broken wheel
  • 1.2. somethings wrong
  • 1.3. you don't want me around
  • 1.4. who will carry you
  • 1.5. eastbound
  • 1.6. tell it to you
  • 1.7. wreck on the highway
  • 1.8. gimmie your hands
  • 1.9. five bucks
  • 1.10. black bo
  • 1.11. show me how
  • 1.12. wait

davidson, delaney

lucky guy

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Über diesen Artikel

"Lucky Guy", Delaney Davidson's latest release, is a compact set of 12 songs, now released on limited (500 copies) European-pressed vinyl. With digital download code. Recorded in The Lab, Auckland and mixed in New York with Matt Verta Ray (Heavy Trash), it is an uncharacteristically contained and succinct release. Used to the unavoidable sprawl of time and the ramble of his tours, Davidson avoids the technique of collation, curation and compilation that is what we have become used to from him. Armed with the usual alarms his voice sets off, and his "drive on the line"approach to melody and harmony, Davidson says this album constitutes one of the most realised and strongest thematic offerings he has released.