crookes, the

play dumb

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THE CROOKES consist of George Waite (vocals / bass), Daniel Hopewell (guitar), Tom Dakin (guitar) and Russell Bates (drums). They live in Sheffield and infamously found (most of) each other, bleary of eye and dancing alone, on the indie dancefloor at the city's Fuzz Club near the close of the previous decade. Five years, 40-odd songs and hundreds of live shows down the line The Crookes are now hardly lacking in fans, followers or worthwhile friends but 'Play Dumb' - their first single for a year and the lead-off single from their oapbox' album, released on fierce panda on April 14th - still sees them revel in the role of loners. Such is modern life with the increasingly muscular musicianship of The Crookes, the rebels who have barely paused for ... mehr lesen