• 1.1. why this record intro
  • 1.2. tonya harding
  • 1.3. wreckless boy
  • 1.4. haterade
  • 1.5. a real honey
  • 1.6. shut the fuck up
  • 1.7. parking lot
  • 1.8. buckhead betty
  • 1.9. don't touch my shit!
  • 1.10. roll dem dice
  • 1.11. parcheezi
  • 1.12. fatty pad
  • 1.13. nestle in my boobies
  • 1.14. bloody shirt
  • 1.15. the missing letter
  • 1.16. wife eyes (bonus track)
  • 1.17. never wanted you (bonus track)
  • 1.18. larger success outro

coathangers, the

the coathangers (deluxe edition)


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+ REISSUE OF THE LONG OUT OF PRINT DEBUT ALBUM BY THE COATHANGERS + LIMITED EDITION FIRST LP PRESSING ON NEON STRAWBERRY BANANA PINWHEEL VINYL LIMITED TO 500 COPIES + REMASTERED WITH TWO BONUS TRACKS + EXPANDED ARTWORK BY BRADFORD COX (DEERHUNTER, ATLAS SOUND) + HOUSED IN A GATEFOLD JACKET + DL COUPON // Fourteen years ago, four young Atlanta women picked up instruments without any prior musical experience or lofty aspirations and decided that they were going to start a band so that they could play a friend's party. The house-show begat more shows around town, and the feisty and ery live sets begat an album. Recorded during a single graveyard shift at a local studio and mixed the following night, the self-titled debut album by The Coathangers was a ... mehr lesen