• 1.1. watch your back
  • 1.2. follow me
  • 1.3. smother
  • 1.4. arthritis sux
  • 1.5. captain's dead
  • 1.6. burn me
  • 1.7. make it right
  • 1.8. springfield cannonball
  • 1.9. hurricane
  • 1.10. adderall
  • 1.11. tonya harding
  • 1.12. gettin' mad and pumpin' iron
  • 1.13. shut up
  • 1.14. squeeki tiki

coathangers, the



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LIMITED EDITION FIRST PRESSING ON TRI-COLOR (BLACK, WHITE, RED) VINYL! LIMITED TO 1500 COPIES w/ DL COUPON! In their thirteen years of existence, Atlanta's garage punks The Coathangers have cranked out five full-lengths and over a dozen singles, splits, and EPs. And while every Coathangers record has captured their buoyant turbulence and jagged euphoria, there's always some degree of magic that gets lost when bands go into the studio. Whatever the source of that magic, The Coathangers have always wrangled a replication of that sweaty and sticky live feeling, but the time had come to properly document it. LIVE captures the playful fervor of The Coathangers at their finest. Says guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel, "it's like our anthology. our entire ... mehr lesen