• 1.1. wireless
  • 1.2. slope
  • 1.3. sing little bird sing
  • 1.4. someone/where else
  • 1.5. big black car
  • 1.6. blue star fading
  • 1.7. two halves of a whole
  • 1.8. i'll think of it today.
  • 1.9. the night they drove old dixie down
  • 1.10. blue formation
  • 1.11. in a head
  • 1.12. silent mostly
  • 1.13. drifting
  • 1.14. lazy old sun
  • 1.15. rachael
  • 1.16. dried up well
22. April 2017
Genre: Indie

broken dog

flips (selected b-sides + rarities 1996-2004)

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Über diesen Artikel

RSD - 180g VINYL - LIMITED TO 500 COPIES. 180g LP, 500 copies. Broken Dog were Clive Painter and Martine Roberts, an ethereal, mysterious, experimental London outfit. Whilst sounding like nothing else, Martine's breathy vocals and Clive's complex guitar tapestries saw them often favourably bracketed in with the spirit of bands such as Mazzy Star and Trespassers William. 'Flips' stands as testament to their rich understated palette of diverse moods and sublime melancholia, from hushed instrumentals such as 'Blue Star Fading' and 'Rachael' to the dreamy blissed out moments of 'In A Head' or 'I'll Think Of It Today'. There are also 4 great covers included here: Big Star's 'Big Black Car', The Kinks 'Lazy Old Sun', The Left Banke's Sing Little Bird ... mehr lesen