14. Oktober 2016

broken dc


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Über diesen Artikel

Astragal - the dividing line that makes the whole possible; the opaque between the transparent. What better way to describe Broken DC's newest, and boldest, work yet. Couched in a sound that is eternal dusk - thanks to the visionary production of Dan Sullivan [Ulver, Sunn O))] - this is an exploration of what lies between light and shade, between the coruscating and the excoriating. Guitars construct gentle, swaying canopies, then crash down like falling oaks. Choruses soothe with celestial beauty, then sour with discord. 'In the darkest night you shine,' they sing in Forever Blue, a perfect encapsulation of its gloomy madrigal, illuminated by the plaintive trumpet of Sam Barton (Teeth of the Sea). In Hollow Tree, a twisted nursery rhyme spirals off ... mehr lesen