• 1.1. technocracy
  • 1.2. from infinity to here
  • 1.3. wetware
  • 1.4. transfiguration i: enlightenment
  • 1.5. dust
  • 1.6. transfiguration ii: amplification
  • 1.7. preacher
  • 1.8. globalalia
  • 1.9. irreversible. black atlantic.
  • 1.10. immersion into noise
  • 1.11. new world order
  • 1.12. eruption of the amorphous
  • 1.13. realer than real
11. November 2016
Genre: Indie

biberkopf, j.g.

ecologies ii: ecosystems of excess (lp + art book)

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Über diesen Artikel

The album itself is an assemblage of field recordings that are manipulated and fused with digital programming, melody and design to startling effect, resonating with power. The album is like a supple, accelerated take on musique concrète and its techniques, subsumed into the digital realm, to the point where it's hard at times to work out where the digital and the real start and end, but at others, the contrast is violent and raw. There's drama and melody in the music; there's implied narrative. The album is of course indebted to some of the familiar tropes of club music but only in the sense that its forms are a starting point. The familiar use of melodies and the driving energy are forced to breaking point and intensified, escaping easy ... mehr lesen