• 1.1. darkest place
  • 1.2. rainy day
  • 1.3. eat you alive
  • 1.4. feeling
  • 1.5. love you when you're dead
  • 1.6. to burn
  • 1.7. sunday
  • 1.8. in heaven
  • 1.9. you don't know love
30. Juni 2017
Genre: Indie

animal youth


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Über diesen Artikel

Animal Youth is a band from Brussels. Formed in 2016 from the ashes of Siamese Queens, the Belgian trio romantically mixes 90s flavoured shoegaze and post-punk, hitting ears with waves of noisy guitars, bass chorus, cold reverbed drums, and a nod to influential bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau twins and My Bloody Valentine.