• 1.1. holako (hulagu)
  • 1.2. dars min kama sutra (a lesson from kama sutra)
  • 1.3. al-juththa (the corpse)
  • 1.4. i'tiraf (confession)
  • 1.5. al-khutba al-akhira (the last declamation)
  • 1.6. yalla tnam (lullaby)
  • 1.7. watti es-sawt (keep it down)
  • 1.8. eish jabkum hon? (what brings you here?)
04. September 2015
Genre: Indie



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- 140g Black Vinyl - Ltd. 300 Copies. "Alif is the collective sound of five musicians at the forefront of independent music in the Arab world. Conceived in 2012 and taking its name from the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, Alif features Khyam Allami (Oud), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Vocals/Buzuq), Bashar Farran (Bass), Maurice Louca (Keys/Electronics) and Khaled Yassine (Drums/Percussion). Their self-produced debut, Aynama-Rtama (Arabic - translated as Wherever It Falls) is a reflection of its time and environment. Recorded between Beirut in Cairo in 2014, it is a shape-shifting album that twists and turns when you least expect it. Innovative instrumentation, poignant words from avant-garde poets such as Sargon Boulos and Mahmoud Darwish, and the ... mehr lesen