• 1.1. white gate
  • 1.2. porcelain
  • 1.3. monument
  • 1.4. martial love
  • 1.5. underneath the ivy
  • 1.6. law of angels
  • 1.7. the crystal flowers
  • 1.8. under reason
18. Juni 2021
Genre: New Wave

agnes circle, the

some vague desire (2021 repress grey vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

The Agnes Circle are a London based post-punk duo that consist of bassist Rachael Redfern and songwriter Florian Voytek. LA native Florian arrived in London in 2015 via Brooklyn. He instantly met Rachael and the two immediately began writing and recording together in a make shift home studio in North London. Drawing on elements of English post-punk and French cold wave, their first full length album Some Vague Desire enhances the formula earlier displayed on the debut EP Modern Idea. Eight new songs that combine angular guitars with lush and driven bass lines the two envelope their sound together with hypnotic rhythms and melodic croons. LP comes in printed innersleeve with lyrics. Elegant 4-side Digipak limited to 200.