• 1.1. make a change
  • 1.2. thinking straight
  • 1.3. stabbed in the back
  • 1.4. take a stand
  • 1.5. honesty
  • 1.6. one family
  • 1.7. break down the walls
  • 1.8. shout it
  • 1.9. time to forgive
  • 1.10. positive outlook
  • 1.11. standing hard
  • 1.12. free at last
  • 1.13. youth of today

youth of today

break down the walls

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Limited press of 700 on red vinyl. YOUTH OF TODAY was initially active from 1985 to 1990 before reforming in 2010. The band played a major role in establishing the "youth crew" subculture of hardcore, both espousing and evolving the philosophies of the straight edge and vegetarian lifestyles. Formed in Danbury, Connecticut by two members of the hardcore band VIOLENT CHILDREN, Ray Cappo (vocals) and John Porcelly (aka Porcell, guitar) were aiming to start a straight edge band at a time when most old school straight edge bands had disbanded. Having difficulty finding a bassist and drummer, Ray and Porcell found help from two high school friends, Graham Phillips and Darren Pesce, who had played with Porcell in a band called THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS in the ... mehr lesen