• 1.1. viento
  • 1.2. muerte vencida
  • 1.3. alta montaña
  • 1.4. avalancha
  • 1.5. caracremada
  • 1.6. enemigos del poder
  • 1.7. nueva vida
  • 1.8. solo
  • 1.9. ley natural
  • 1.10. estado vital
  • 1.11. retorno
02. November 2018


alta montana

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Über diesen Artikel

Barcelona's Ultra managed to stay still long enough to compose and record their debut LP. This time around you can see they have had space, maybe even mental space, to put together an extremely well balanced and produced record. The wild riffing is still there so is the seamless rhythm section backing one of the most energetic voices in current hardcore punk. Perhaps the most noticeable changes are the delay vocals and the electronic segments and intros joining the 11 tracks together. Don't worry, ULTRA is still an anti-authoritarian riff powerhouse but this time they are proving that you can keep one foot firmly pressed in the political hardcore scene while breaking free of music expectations. Released to coincide with ULTRA's first Japanese/Korean ... mehr lesen