• 1.1. a far out theme tune
  • 1.2. she goes to finos
  • 1.3. razzmatazz intro
  • 1.4. modern schools of motoring
  • 1.5. carol dodds is pregnant
  • 1.6. you and a box of handkerchiefs
  • 1.7. bless you my son
  • 1.8. my girlfriend's dad's a vicar
  • 1.9. come back jackie
  • 1.10. do you want to finish. or what?!
  • 1.11. commercial break
  • 1.12. chartbuster/razzmatazz outro
  • 1.13. we're mad
  • 1.14. wipe out
  • 1.15. florence is deaf (but there's no need to shout)
  • 1.16. a far out theme tune
  • 1.17. deidre's a slag
  • 1.18. rupert the bear
  • 1.19. nellie the elephant
  • 1.20. fisticuffs in frederick street
12. Oktober 2018
Genre: Punk

toy dolls, the

a far out disc

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Über diesen Artikel

"A far out disc" is the second studio album by The Toy Dolls originally released in 1985. The Toy Dolls followed up the success of their debut, the 100-mph Ferris wheel ride "Dig That Groove Baby", with the equally kinetic A Far Out Disc. Having already established themselves as the class clowns of the European punk scene, the band upped the ante by increasing the number of skits and segues and included a frenetic cover of the surf classic "Wipe Out". Frantic punk lunacy at its best!