• 1.1. the sin in grey
  • 1.2. at 3 am
  • 1.3. burial suit
  • 1.4. xoxo
  • 1.5. progress of elimination
  • 1.6. endings
  • 1.7. kill the cheat
24. August 2018

majority rule

interviews with david frost

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Über diesen Artikel

Originally released on 05/08/01, Interviews With David Frost is the debut album from Washington, DC punk/hardcore band MAJORITY RULE. 2018 marks the album now being issued by Dark Operative, a new company from the creative team behind Magic Bullet Records (the original issuing label). The album is seven songs in length and encapsulates a truly unique blend of speed, heaviness, tone, and precision not often mastered by practitioners of the loose genres (screamo, punk, hardcore) that MAJORITY RULE operated within during their run. Simply put, the band was light years ahead of its time and it would be at least another decade before bands like DEAFHEAVEN and LITURGY would figure it all out sonically, package and polish for modern times, and bring it to ... mehr lesen