• 1.1. a devil in a modern world
  • 1.2. loving your enemies
  • 1.3. better evil
  • 1.4. blood is the human race
  • 1.5. tendence to divide
  • 1.6. shorttimer
  • 1.7. approach to the new world
  • 1.8. fear the apocalyptic reborn
  • 1.9. we choose the violent way
  • 1.10. straight to hell
  • 1.11. unavoidable changes
  • 1.12. revenge for
  • 1.13. act of ignorance
  • 1.14. do what must be done

length of time

approach to the new world (violet)


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Über diesen Artikel

Second half of the nineties, out of nowhere, there was Length Of Time. A new definition of metal core was written with their first full length "approach to the new world". One of the darkest metalcore albums ever, with a perfect combination of hardcore groove, metal riffing and atmosphere. Unknown quality back in the days, never done better since. The nerve-racking beginning of "a devil in a modern world" still gives goosebumps in 2019. In the second half of the 90's, Brussels had several well known Hardcore bands, like Deviate, Backstabbers and Out For Blood. Being most of the time in the same building for band practice at some point a few guys from these bands got together to jam. Not much later a new project saw daylight by the name "Length Of ... mehr lesen