• 1.1. such small hands
  • 1.2. said the king to the river
  • 1.3. new storms for older lovers
  • 1.4. damaged goods
  • 1.5. fall down, never get back up again
  • 2.1. bury your flame
  • 2.2. last blues for bloody knuckles
  • 2.3. the castle builders
  • 2.4. andria
  • 2.5. then again, maybe you were right
  • 2.6. sad prayers for guilty bodies
  • 2.7. the last lost continent
  • 2.8. nobody, not even the rain

la dispute

somewhere at the bottom of the river...(ten year...)

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LA DISPUTE's biting debut full length Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair is the culmination of sleeves nights and exhausting recording sessions. It was the product of a young band with an unyielding persistence that bordered on outright psychosis. As a result, the frantic guitar, unexpected time signatures and emotive vocal work has stood the test of time and remained an influence across the post-hardcore and demo scenes. To mark 10 years since it's inception, No Sleep will be releasing an entirely new version of the anthemic album which remains a huge part of the label's on-going success. Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair may be the same record cemented in post-hardcore history, but it's also been ... mehr lesen