• 1.1. reign
  • 1.2. impending
  • 1.3. horizon
  • 1.4. vanish
  • 1.5. diminish
  • 1.6. corrosion
  • 1.7. bend or break
  • 1.8. never unleashed
  • 1.9. the monarch analyst
20. März 2015



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Following their praised debut Like Iron I Rust from 2010. UK press by Jerry Graham Publicity. Bodo/Norway's Kollwitz has returned. Emerging from a five year self-imposed seclusion, the quintet will unleash their sophomore LP, Dissonance on March 16th. Dissonance is the long-awaited follow up to their 2010 debut, Like Iron I Rust. On that release, the world was introduced to Kollwitz's terse and beautiful sonic vision. A balancing act of grandiose post-rock atmospherics with sludgy post-hardcore menace. Like Iron I Rust was praised by such outlets as Rock Sound and Terrorizer - the latter outlet proclaiming the band's glacially paced sonic epics went "from peaceful moments dripping with anticipation to full-blown anguished roars delivered over ... mehr lesen