• 1.1. the heroic trio
  • 1.2. sound guy smiley
  • 1.3. my favorite place
  • 1.4. more faye
  • 1.5. all girl band
  • 1.6. the versace killer
  • 1.7. asha blake
  • 1.8. city by the bay
  • 1.9. l.a.
  • 1.10. a well earnced reputation
  • 1.11. violent motions created
  • 1.12. turn to stone

j church

cat food

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Über diesen Artikel

J Church are an influential and distinctive post-hardcore band from San Francisco. NME once said they were 'spine scrapingly brilliant' and that they 'smile too much for their own credibility'. Tzeir singer & guitarist Lance writes for the US rag MRR and was Beck's guitarist on his last world tour. The 12 track album includesw J Church's recent single release - a cover of the ELO classic 'Turn To Stone' - which featured backing vocals from Manda from disco-punkas Bis. It was well-liked in the UK and was played mnany times by Steve Lamacq and also John Peel on BBC radio 1. J Church have toured worldwide several times and will be back to Europe later this year.