• 1.1. holding on
  • 1.2. past our means
  • 1.3. in defense
  • 1.4. embrace
  • 1.5. self-made man
  • 1.6. taken away
  • 1.7. banned in d.c. (bad brains)


past our means (limited green vinyl)

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Digital download included Pressed on green color vinyl Includes bonus track "Banned In D.C." (BAD BRAINS) taken from the Split 7" with GOOD RIDDANCE IGNITE is a band reminiscent of those that made Rev the quintessential hardcore label it became in the late '80s and early '90s. Such bands as NO FOR AN ANSWER, UNIFORM CHOICE, GORILLA BISCUITS, SICK OF IT ALL, QUICKSAND, INSIDE OUT, YOUTH OF TODAY, etc., flavored with the sounds of '90s So Cal punk rock, paved the way for IGNITE. Past Our Means showcases IGNITE talent for playing fast, furious, and great sing along songs.