• 1.1. new abolition
  • 1.2. human target
  • 1.3. break in case of emergency
  • 1.4. waves
  • 1.5. the world between
  • 1.6. dawn stations
  • 1.7. beyond authority
  • 1.8. specific gravity
  • 1.9. the ones who last
  • 1.10. generation in crosshairs
  • 1.11. origins of a species
  • 1.12. one year
02. Oktober 2015

great collapse, the

holy war (white)

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Über diesen Artikel

Usually when a band pulls the "All Star" card it means that a bunch of washed up punks come together and bang out a few songs that are not good enough for their main bands. Those "All Star" projects usually release a few songs that tend to be overlooked by the public and quickly fade away as fast as they were founded. Luckily for us GREAT COLLAPSE have nothing to do with that kind of sad scene: Founded by STRIKE ANYWHERE singer Thomas Barnett when moving to the west coast (while his Richmond, VA based band took a well deserved break from recording and constant touring) GREAT COLLAPSE quickly took on a life of its own. Barnett teamed up with former RISE AGAINST guitarist Chris Chasse, SET YOUR GOALS bass player Joe Saucedo and COMEBACK KID drummer ... mehr lesen