• 1.1. tories tories tories (out out out)
  • 1.2. until palestine is free
  • 1.3. man of straw
  • 1.4. like father, like son
  • 1.5. dont give an inch
  • 1.6. build your house on sand
  • 1.7. idss
  • 1.8. take it apart
  • 1.9. obscenity
  • 1.10. reptile rule
  • 1.11. streets of st pauli
  • 1.12. give the fox a gun
  • 2.1. red flag
  • 2.2. killing machine
  • 2.3. king of the rats
  • 2.4. take me to cuba
  • 2.5. nazi bnp
  • 2.6. not like it said in the song frank!
12. Februar 2016
Genre: 77 Punk

angelic upstarts

bullingdon bastards (coloured vinyl)

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Über diesen Artikel

Limited Edition COLOURED Vinyl LP with CD included. Angelic Upstarts formed in 1977 in South Shields, North-East England. A working class punk band with strong anti-fascist views and beliefs influenced by bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols, The Angelic Upstarts are a meeting of working class ideology and musical aspiration. Mensi was always liable to provoke reaction, his lyrics making much of his working class roots, and lashing out at police and politicians. The original line up consisted of Mensi (vocals), Mond (guitar), Steve Forsten (bass) and Decca Wade (drums). The Angelic Upstarts launched their punk crusade with the independently released single The Murder of Liddle Towers and Police Oppression AA side single in 1978. The single was ... mehr lesen