• 1.1. angels who burn their wings
  • 1.2. panki
  • 1.3. otran limited respettivo
  • 1.4. cresta in slow
  • 1.5. die weibchen
  • 1.6. der stoff aus dem die träume sind
  • 1.7. surf with gunter
  • 1.8. april rainbows
  • 1.9. mr. p.
  • 1.10. sweet girl - sweet love
  • 1.11. oh, oh, oooh, ei ei ei - wo immer es auch sei
  • 1.12. modern sex
  • 1.13. piano strings in love
  • 1.14. st. tropez
  • 1.15. coitus crash
  • 1.16. love & sex
04. Dezember 2015

thomas, peter sound orchester

peter scores - the erotic world of the peter thom

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Über diesen Artikel

Wieder erhältlich auf Vinyl! Join Peter Thomas and his Orchestra on a trip into the erotic world of soundtrack music of the 1960s and 70s. Discover vocal nuggets performed by Daisy Door, Eric Brodka, James Darvin, Mike Redford, Kerry Hallam and other soulful voices.. A compilation with previously unreleased music from Germany's coolest filmcomposer. It shows an undiscovered part of his work: The soundtracks for his erotic and love-movies of the 1960s and 70s, like Angels With Burnt Wings, Do You Believe In Swedish Sin?, Little Women, Seventeen And Anxious, Oh Happy Day , Happening In White etc.The music styles change like German weather in april: Beat, Jazz, Pop, Easy Listening and Bossa, or how Peter Thomas describes it: "This compilation is a ... mehr lesen