• 1.1. cassential
  • 1.2. binary dynamics
  • 1.3. dramakai
  • 1.4. obelisk phantasm
  • 1.5. photons in fashion
  • 1.6. observatory of the soul
  • 1.7. slip the shining cord
  • 1.8. hear me read my genetic chirpy chip

phono ghosts

photons in fashion

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Über diesen Artikel

Eight new tracks of intricately spliced tape samples, continuing the psychedelic eclectic sound that marked out his previous releases on Fonolith (Solar Dream Reel) and Skam (Chrome Position). Over 30 minutes, `Photons in Fashion' careers between the forceful `80s digi-funk blast of `Cassential', space-lounge groove of `Binary Dynamics' and hypnotic disco of the title track; progressing through to the brooding `Dramakai' and slinky fretless bass of `Observatory of the Soul', all interspersed with dream-like fragmentary interludes, before closing out with the idiosyncratic synth bleeping of `Hear Me Read My Genetic Chirpy Chip'.