• 1.1. humming one of your songs
  • 1.2. are they saying goodbye
  • 1.3. on off
  • 1.4. easier
  • 1.5. i shot my heart
  • 1.6. drowning in those eyes
  • 1.7. so you did it again
  • 1.8. one more time
  • 1.9. headphone silence
  • 1.10. what i want
  • 1.11. sleeping by the fyris river
  • 1.12. wooden body
  • 1.13. humming one of your songs (encore)
08. November 2013
Genre: Pop

brun, ane

spending time with morgan

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Über diesen Artikel

Limited edition, first time on vinyl! Ane Brun recorded her debut album 'Spending Time with Morgan' while finishing her University studies in Stockholm. Soon there was no more time for studies. It didn't take long before Ane and her small independent record label DetErMine were licensing the record all over the world through a licence/distribution deal with V2 Music. The album was released in 2003 and got fantastic reviews and soon she became a full-time touring- and recording artist. If someone had told her a few years ago that she was going to tour the world with her own music, she would laugh in your face and not even consider it a possibility.