23. Februar 2018
Label: C.E.E.
Genre: Dance


dream in motion ep

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Über diesen Artikel

Airaboi is Aitor Rabell's solo project and an alias that has allowed this Valencia born electronic musician and producer -now residing in Berlin- to record a diary of emotive sounds since 2014. After his brilliant debut EP "Endless Field", released in 2016, Airaboi returns with "Dream In Motion". This extended EP was written and produced between Barcelona, Valencia and Berlin and reflects the range of emotions he experienced in uncertain times, when making difficult decisions about his future. Tracks like "Nocturnal Animals" and "We'll Stay Here Forever" demonstrate how leftfield, dream house and experimental electronica can live in unison, incorporating a sentimental and nostalgic sound. The EP's final track "Dream In Motion" provides a ... mehr lesen