• 1.1. blew
  • 1.2. floyd the barber
  • 1.3. about a girl
  • 1.4. school
  • 1.5. love buzz
  • 1.6. paper cuts
  • 1.7. negative creep
  • 1.8. scoff
  • 1.9. swap meet
  • 1.10. mr. moustache
  • 1.11. sifting
  • 1.12. big cheese
  • 1.13. downer
22. April 2016


nirvana tribute - doused in mud, soaked in bleach


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Über diesen Artikel

Limited Clear vinyl, withoutt the exclusive RSD poster. All copies include a full download of the release. Robotic Empire returns with their third NIRVANA tribute LP, "Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach", completing a trifecta of homages to the legendary band's studio albums. The Hall of Famer's debut LP "Bleach" is covered in full, start to finish, by a diverse range of independent artists including: Still secret! Appropriately reflecting NIRVANA's rawest studio album alongside a full-circle nod to Robotic Empire's roots, this is arguably the darkest, heaviest release in the tribute series. A tasteful re-envision of these classic songs sees all 13 "Bleach" tracks run through the bands' creative engines, putting an intense new perspective on these 25+ ... mehr lesen