• 1.1. we sold our souls to metal
  • 1.2. archangel
  • 1.3. sodomites
  • 1.4. ishtar rising
  • 1.5. live life hard!
  • 1.6. shamash
  • 1.7. bethlehem's blood
  • 1.8. titans
  • 1.9. deceiver
  • 1.10. mother of dragons
  • 1.11. you suffer [bonus track]
  • 1.12. acosador nocturno [bonus track]
  • 1.13. soulfly x [bonus track]
14. August 2015
Genre: Metal



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Über diesen Artikel

Max Cavalera simply allows himself no rest. The creative juices of the legendary Brazilian with the groove in the blood than ever gushing. After Nuclear Blast debut "Savages," the ex-SEPULTURA frontman with the exciting all-star band KILLER BE KILLED put to impressive, just before he had with his brother and drummer Iggor the next CAVALERA CONSPIRACY manifest in the bag. Now the said extreme metal aficionado for the end of August has already performed the next horse to the starting line. "It has become a very interesting album," brings the 45 year old still out, "it is very epic, very mystical and of the way in which we do not do it with SOULFLY every day. It's one of those albums that you riff once in a lifetime. It sounds crazy and has many ... mehr lesen