• 1.1. cali stomp
  • 1.2. still bitter still cold
  • 1.3. shelter
  • 1.4. cursed
  • 1.5. trial by fire
  • 1.6. vultures
  • 1.7. unhinged
  • 1.8. thirty years
  • 1.9. treading water
  • 1.10. lhhc '17
17. November 2017
Genre: Hardcore


welcome to the west coast

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Oakland, California's reigning kings of heavy hardcore first stormed onto the scene in 2007 with their debut album: "The Will To Survive". Taking influence from bands like Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Ringworm; Lionheart came out swinging with a full blown assault of blistering metallic hardcore. They quickly followed it up with 2010's, "Built On Struggle", 2012's "Undisputed" and years of nonstop touring. Following a short break after the release of Undisputed, the band came back stronger than ever with 2014's "Welcome To The Westcoast". Continuing on their path of late 90's style H/C, the band progressed with new rhythms and further developed song-writing cementing themselves as torch-bearers for a revived ... mehr lesen