• 1.1. the new build
  • 1.2. through smudged lenses
  • 1.3. out of nothing
  • 1.4. the endless feed
  • 1.5. lost to apathy
  • 1.6. mind matters
  • 1.7. one thought
  • 1.8. dry run
  • 1.9. am i 1?
  • 1.10. senses tied
  • 1.11. my negation
23. Dezember 2016

dark tranquillity

character (ltd picture disc)


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Über diesen Artikel

This 2016 vinyl edition comes in LP picture disc with Gatefold Jacket, limited to 400 copies. Reissue on picture disc of Character, the seventh album in one of the creators of the Gothemburg Sound, Dark Tranquility. A comeback to their origins as shown in the previous Damage Done from 2002. Including the hit "Lost To Apathy", Character is, without hesitation, one of the greatest works in DT's wide and career and Swedish Death Metal.