• 1.1. chamber
  • 1.2. wanting
  • 1.3. string up
  • 1.4. closed ports
  • 1.5. vistas
  • 1.6. harm induction
  • 1.7. festered
  • 1.8. dissembler
  • 1.9. bloodmines
  • 1.10. calling
  • 1.11. for profit
31. Oktober 2014
Genre: Metal




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Über diesen Artikel

Vancouver's BAPTISTS recently completed work on their second full-length album, the follow-up to their 2013 debut Bushcraft. Entitled Bloodmines, the new album (like the debut) was recorded at Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts with with Kurt Ballou Like its predecessor, Bloodmines is a fast, exhilarating album of rage, oozing with genuine raw emotion and punk rock fury. Shards of feedback make way for fast powerful riffs and savage vocals, whilst explosive drumming pumps blood around the band's beating heart. On album tracks like "Vistas", "Calling" and the title track, "Bloodmines", the pace changes, revealing powerful, almost anthemic, jagged noise rock akin to influential San Diego post-hardcore band Drive Like Jehu and similar acts which go ... mehr lesen