• 1.1. outside looking in
  • 1.2. hush
  • 1.3. happy kigen
  • 1.4. boy bruise
  • 1.5. fat duck
  • 1.6. riddle
  • 1.7. cat june
  • 1.8. something of a rabbit
  • 1.9. episodes in the park
  • 1.10. your dog
16. November 2018
Genre: Indie

droll, rose

your dog (mc)

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Über diesen Artikel

Welcome to the world of Rose Droll's debut album, a record that defies all labels and mys[fies people trying to compare it to anything else. It challenges conven[ons, knocking you on your ass with some glitchy electronics here or a blown-out scream there when you least expect it. It's a cap[va[ng listen from the San Francisco-based ar[st, one that rewards mul[ple listens and a close reading of the lyric sheet. The album, self-recorded and self-produced in a duplex in LA's Highland Park and in a quiet cabin in Big Bear, is a collec[on of ten diverse tracks spanning the last three years. She played every instrument on the record, including guitar, piano, drums, bass, cello, and glockenspiel. Rose Droll's special one-of-a-kind record, one that refuses ... mehr lesen