• 1.1. shine
  • 1.2. the matriarch
  • 1.3. silver sparkle attraction
  • 1.4. like passing rain through 9 lives
  • 1.5. unchained sanity on broken ground
  • 1.6. forever walking forests
  • 1.7. kept on shoulders, guiding the pain
  • 1.8. the wrong kind of flowers
19. Oktober 2012
Genre: Jazz

westerhus, stian

the matriarch and the wrong kind of flowers

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Über diesen Artikel

There are, and have been, quite a few exceptional experimental guitarists around, but we can't recall an album sounding anything like "The Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers". With his third album Stian Westerhus (33) is not only challenging and stretching the limits of his instrument but also comes up with an extraordinary piece of music that has more in common with modern contemporary music than just being a leftfield "guitar" album. Tellingly, he claims that he "can't just be a guitarist". In spite of having studied jazz in the UK as well as in Norway he also has a remarkably nonacademic approach to making music, something he shares with many Norwegian musicians of his generation. It's not imperative for Westerhus to make the guitar sound ... mehr lesen