• 1.1. eve's wing
  • 1.2. black cloud
  • 1.3. resistance
  • 1.4. triumvirate
  • 1.5. the reach & the grasp
  • 1.6. children of the sun
  • 1.7. pompeii's dream
  • 1.8. the turning sky
  • 1.9. two trees
  • 1.10. the ride
  • 1.11. ascensionist
  • 1.12. sojourn sam
31. Oktober 2014
Genre: Folk

lewis & clarke


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Über diesen Artikel

Triumvirate is the highly anticipated third full length from Lewis & Clarke. It's an album of seasoned confidence and meditative song-craft with a vision of clarity and conviction; a seventy-five minute journey through lush and brooding passages nestled in a canopy of strings, melancholic melodies and warm, world-weary beauty. Complex, fragile arrangements mix with unexpected but natural elements to create a tapestry of intricate yet strong compositions. Lyrically rich and musically gorgeous, Triumvirate is well worth the wait. Lewis & Clarke is the musical alias of Pennsylvania-based artist Lou Rogai, the voice and vision resonating through the long form art-pop / avant-folk compositions that have become a signature sound. For close to a decade, ... mehr lesen