• 1.1. blue train (studio original)
  • 1.2. there you go
  • 1.3. train of love
  • 1.4. goodbye, little darlin'
  • 1.5. i heard that lonesome whistle
  • 1.6. come in stranger
  • 1.7. the rock island line
  • 1.8. give my love to rose
  • 1.9. hey, porter!
  • 1.10. folsom prison blues
  • 1.11. the wreck of old 97
  • 1.12. so doggone lonesome

cash, johnny

all aboard the blue train

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2018 REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE EDITION OF THE CLASSIC SUN ALBUM ON HEAVYWEIGHT VINYL. THE FIRST 1,000 LPs ON LIMITED 'BLUE TRAIN' COLOURED VINYL The comprehensive remastering and repackaging upgrade of the Man In Black's legendary Sun catalogue continues with the release of Johnny Cash's penultimate album for Sun Records. On the 15th of November 1962, due to the request of Cash's loyal fanbase, Sun collected all of Johnny's train and related songs, which he had an intuitional love for. To him, the hardship, joy, love, loneliness and adventure of "the big black wheel" were part of the USA's romantic heritage and nostalgic sentiments, which helped to prove his stake as one of the greatest singers of Country and Folk music. `All Aboard the Blue Train' ... mehr lesen