• 1.1. one size fits all
  • 1.2. abba-dabba-do
  • 1.3. jamaica
  • 1.4. star chaser
  • 1.5. take it all the way
  • 1.6. you've got that thing
  • 1.7. jump in the middle of love
  • 1.8. i feel the love
  • 1.9. shes so sensitive
08. Dezember 2018
Genre: Soul/Funk

harrison, sterling

one size fits all

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Über diesen Artikel

Fantastic 80s pop music with a soul and funk touch and an outstanding singer. A must have for fans of Billy Ocean, Barry White and similar artists. Perfect playing, perfect production, perfect songwriting. On the edge of the lightfooted disco movement there was sophisticated funk music and one of the often overlooked protagonists oft he scene was Mr. Sterling Harrison, born in 1941, passed in 2005. His legacy contains two solo albums from the early 80s and this, dear friends of funk music, is his second from 1981. Copies in good shape fetch prices up to 800 Dollars so we should give this current reissue on EVERLAND warm welcomes. Is it all worth the enthusiasm? Oh, you can bet it is. Sterling Harrison had left behind the 70s and was ready for the ... mehr lesen