bradley, charles & menahan street band

no time for dreaming


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Back In Stock / You should be ashamed of yourself. How can you lay in bed all day when there's a new Charles Bradley single waiting for you at your local record shop? That 's right, the boys at Dunham have done it again - this time with a two-sider of epic SOUL proportions. Originally an unreleased track from the catalogue of Joe Quarterman, "No Time for Dreaming" is a horn drenched moover, that Charles master fully transforms into something all his own. Oh, and that insanely tight band backing up Sir Charles - why it 's none other than Brooklyn's instrumental giants, The Menahan Street Band. This track is guaranteed to light up even the most discriminating dancefloors. On the flip is "Golden Rule", a Farfisa seasoned smash, equal parts message and ... mehr lesen