bradley, charles & menahan street band

heart of gold / in you i found a love

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Hot on the heels of his smash-hit debut LP 'No Time for Dreaming', Daptone and Dunham Records is honored to present Charles Bradley 'Heart of Gold' b/w 'In You (I Found a Love).' Like many of the great soul singers before him, Charles Bradley has taken a rock n roll classic and given it a soulful makeover. Backed (once again) by the instr umental juggernaut that is Menahan Street Band, Charles Bradley and the boys take Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold', and flip it on its head - adding enough horns and groove to transform this track into a bona fide Soul classic. On the flip is 'In You (I Found a Love)', a mid-tempo, moody album track about a woman playing games with Charles' hear t. I know what you're thinking - What kind of monster would do such a ... mehr lesen