• 1.1. can't fight the feeling
  • 1.2. luv jones
  • 1.3. i feel a change
  • 1.4. slip away
  • 1.5. black velvet
  • 1.6. stay away
  • 1.7. heart of gold
  • 1.8. (i hope you find) the good life
  • 1.9. fly little girl
  • 1.10. victim of love (electric version)

bradley, charles

black velvet (purple/black splatter vinyl)

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Über diesen Artikel

Ultralimitiertes lila Vinyl mit schwarzem Splatter! November 5th, 2018 would have been Charles Bradley's 70th birthday. In celebration of his extraordinary life, Daptone imprint Dunham Records is proud to announce the release of his fourth and final album, Black Velvet. Black Velvet is a celebration of Charles Bradley, lovingly assembled by his friends and family at Dunham/Daptone Records. Though chronologically the material spans Charles' entire career, this is no anthology, greatest hits or other shallow rehashing of the songs that already made him famous. Rather, this album is a profound exploration through the less-travelled corners of the soulful universe that Charles and his longtime producer, co-writer and friend Tommy "TNT" Brenneck created ... mehr lesen