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21.10.2015 | 16:37

God bless Third Man!

Jack White is literally a jack of all trades, but his label Third Man represents the virtues of lovingly hand-made music like no other. These days Third Man releases a whole armada of live recordings by a host of brilliant bands that were recorded directly to vinyl. And if this wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, there are quite a few re-issues, too. 
On the musical front, the ex-WHITE STRIPES frontman has no thing left to prove. If you count THE RACONTEURS, THE DEAD WEATHER and his solo endeavours we’re still waiting for the time when White disappoints the Blues aficionado as such. The same is true for the label that White founded in Detroit in 2001 and subsequently moved to Nashville to open up his every own studio including office space, a record store, a live music theatre, a photo studio and the only apparatus in the world that pressed music directly to vinyl.
Which brings us to our – and White’s – favourite medium. White about vinyl: “It’s a piece of the quality of life and of feeling homely – something to hold, touch and listen to. Almost like a piece of art that you’d like to look at again and again, that brightens your spirits and enhances your fantasy. To put an album or a single onto the turntable and to drop the needle is like a ritual, a celebration of music that you listen to on a more focussed level. Simply because you would like to grasp the separate pieces of the puzzle – artwork, sound and message of a song. This is so much more a conscious process than simply putting on a CD that doesn’t even have a properly sized cover and a below-par recording quality”, Jack White tells German Musikexpress Magazine.
October 30th sees White’s love for vinyl come full circle once again (he’s been championing the format so much over the last few years, simply google what Third Man did for Record Store Day....) with live recordings “direct to acetate” recorded at Third Man Studios:
JACK JOHNSON, THE KILLS, KING TUFF, THE MELVINS, MUDHONEY, SEASICK STEVE and THE SHINS were so lucky as to float into Nashville and make these recording in front of an adoring crowd without any edits, overdubs and any kind of modern studio wizardry. The way music was meant to be heard. And recorded.
The mission statement „Third Man is an innovator in the world of vinyl records and a boundarypusher in the world of recorded music, aiming to bring tangibility and spontaneity back into the record business and issue releases that leave no doubt in the minds oflisteners that music is indeed sacred.“ has once again proved to be only too true. Thank you , Third Man!

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