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13.07.2017 | 11:44

Billy Hamilton von SILVERSTEIN verrät uns seine Top 5!

Happy Release Day, SILVERSTEIN! "Dead Reflection" erscheint exakt heute und ist das exakt acht Album in der Diskographie der Band. Ausgehend von der Single "Whiplash", die dieser Tage Premiere feierte, können sich Fans von SILVERSTEIN schon einmal ausrechnen, dass ihnen "Dead Reflection" gefallen wird. Wir haben uns Bassist Billy Hamilton geschnappt und sind mit ihm auf einen Shoppingtrip durch unser Vinylangebot geschlendert. Seine Empfehlungen können sich sehen lassen. 
Hot Water Music - Forever & Counting
I am a big vinyl collector and have a massive HWM collection with over 200 different pressings and coloured vinyl across their 20+ year catalogue. Forever and Counting was probably the first HWM record that I really fell in love with. The vinyl has since been repressed by 3 different labels as it is one of their most important albums. I also have lyrics from the song "Rest Assured" from this album tattooed on me!

The Gaslight Anthem - The 59 Sound
I became a fan of Gaslight after hearing their first album Sink or Swim very early on when they were still playing tiny shows in bars. I loved the band from the very start, but once I heard The 59 Sound I knew they were going to be one of my all time favourite bands. The summer that this record came out I must have played it on repeat non stop for a few months. It has stood the test of time and still remains one of my all time favourite albums from the last decade. A perfect record start to finish! 

Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
If it wasn't for Sunny Day Real Estate I don't think the modern take of Emo and Post Hardcore that Silverstein plays would exist. Diary really set the tone blending the original Emo and Hardcore from DC with the Seattle Grunge sound and made a new wave of the genre. Nate Mendel from Foo Fighters played bass in this band and is probably my all time favourite bass player as well.

Pup - The Dream Is Over
Our Toronto neighbours Pup put out this album last year and it was one of my favourite albums of the year. They remind me of bands I grew up loving like Weezer and Piebald but with a more aggressive edge and vocal performance, as well as very intricate guitar work and song structure. Great to see a newer band out of Toronto doing so well on the international stage and they are nice guys too!

Propagandhi - Supporting Caste
Propagandhi is my all time favourite punk band, and as a bonus they are also Canadian! Their early records had a little more of a goofy tongue in cheek delivery of their political and aggressive brand of punk, and while this album takes more of a serious tone at times it still has its moments. This band helped shaped my ethical and political world view and I think this record is a perfect mix of their newer progressive metal sound with the fun punk stuff sprinkled in. 
the '59 sound
LP  €  11,95
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forever and counting
LP+Dwn  €  17,99
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supporting caste
2 LP  €  18,99
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the dream is over
LP+Dwn  €  15,99
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dead reflection
LP  €  19,99
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diary (remaster)
2 LP  €  17,99
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