Bernd Begemann Boxset!

Exklusives Boxset bei finestvinyl: 2LP + 'Live @ Haldern 2015', MC + Rosenblüten und eine Duft-Postkarte.



Nicht umsonst wurde diese Platte "Schönheit der Ausgabe" der Visions #274! Jetzt schnell vorbestellen!


Ghost Of Chance

"Arboretum" auf grünem Vinyl! Limitiert auf 100 Stück weltweit!


Im Frühjahr gibt es neue Alben von beiden Bands - das Backprogramm gibt es jetzt zum Sonderpreis!


Bundle Party

Normalerweise brauchen wir nur Vinyl. Ab und zu aber auch mal ein paar Socken, Shirts und Stoffbeutel. Hier ein paar schicke Bundles aus unseren Restposten zum schmalen Kurs.


Finest books!

Wieso nicht mal was anderes als Vinyl ausprobieren. Hier ein paar bei finestvinyl erhältliche Bücher.


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20.10.2015 | 17:52

The SCORPIONS cultivate their on-off-relationship with retirement

The band from Hannover celebrates their 50. band anniversary with an armada of re-issues
In 2012, the SCORPIONS had finally reached the status as museum-worthy exhibits. The “Rock’n’Pop Museum” in Gronau Germany, featured a special detailing the career of Germany’s most successful rock band: “Die SCORPIONS – Rock You Like A Hurricane”. The corresponding occasion for said exhibition was the farewell tour by the band that was founded in Hannover in 1965. Yes, you heard right: farewell tour. The senior quartet entertains an on-off-relationship with retirement. Three years ago main man Klaus Meine stated: “We leave the party at a high.”
Apparently they stayed on for another round of shenanigans: Instead of enjoying their retirement, SCORPIONS released their brandnew album with the telling title “Return To Forever” early in 2015. If the band that recorded „Wind Of Change“ and „Still Loving You“ is not bound and gagged they will most possibly cater to ballad-fans and classic rock lovers alike for years to come!

We might be inclined to make fun of the Germans but their success speaks for themselves: the hardrockers have sold more than 100 million records worldwide and even entered the US billboard charts with no less than three album back in the eighties. Every new album was celebrated with a world tour delighting fans in South-East Asia and South America. Director Katja von Garnier honoured the band with her cinema feature “Forever And A Day” which premiered at this year’s Berlinale in Berlin.

Honouring their 50. band anniversary we get all the hits as vinyl re-issues – each is limited to 2000 copies on 180g vinyl. For the complete compendium we recommend the 8LP boxset plus CD that additionally features previously unpublished tracks from the archives and rare live cuts. 
acoustica (full vinyl edition)
2 LP  €  23,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
animal magnetism (50th anniversary deluxe edition
LP+CD  €  19,49
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
blackout (50th anniversary deluxe edition)
LP+CD  €  19,49
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
born to touch your feelings - best of rock ballads
2 LP  €  24,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
LP  €  21,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
love at first sting (50th anniversary deluxe editi
LP+CD  €  19,49
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
lovedrive (50th anniversary deluxe edition)
LP+CD  €  19,95
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
mtv unplugged
3 LP  €  19,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
return to forever
2 LP  €  21,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
savage amusement (50th anniversary deluxe edition
LP+CD  €  19,49
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
sting in the tail
LP  €  12,95
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
taken by force (50th anniversary deluxe edition)
LP+CD  €  19,99
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
tokyo tapes (50th anniversary deluxe edition)
2 LP+CD  €  24,49
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping
world wide live (50th anniversary deluxe edition)
2 LP+CD  €  24,95
price incl. VAT , excl. shipping