• 1.1. kilburn lane
  • 1.2. palace of tears
  • 1.3. the girl with the wandering eye
  • 1.4. murder in my mind
  • 1.5. camden girl
  • 1.6. the twilight home
  • 1.7. the guitar-shaped swimming pool
  • 1.8. miriam (a tale of inter-galactic seduction)
  • 1.9. friends on the floor
  • 1.10. you can't be a man
  • 1.11. the marginal
  • 1.12. can't see the woods (for the trees)

wreckless eric

the hitsville houseband's '12 o'clock stereo'


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12 track Vinyl LP with download card incl bonus tracks. 12 O'Clock Stereo is Wreckless Eric's town and country album, a strange and at times uneasy mix of garage, pop, country and old time rhythm 'n' blues. Urban songs set in a grim, concrete world where the beer is flowing like piss, and abandoned lovers cry themselves to sleep between nylon bed sheets, Kilburn Lane, Camden Girl, Murder In My Mind, Palace Of Tears. Tales of ne'er do wells and country hicks, The Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool, Friends On The Floor, a ramshackle and nightmarish world, the village band play on raggedy and tuneless as the residents of a local retirement home zone out on valium (The Twilight Home). Creepiness and social dysfunction - life in remote rural France where ... mehr lesen