• 1.1. brothers &
  • 1.2. cardinals
  • 1.3. a song for patsy cline
  • 1.4. i don't like who i was then
  • 1.5. cigarettes & saints
  • 1.6. the bluest things on earth
  • 1.7. a song for ernest hemingway
  • 1.8. thanks for the ride
  • 1.9. stained glass ceilings
  • 1.10. i wanted so badly to be brave
  • 1.11. you in january
  • 1.12. palm reader
  • 1.13. no closer to heaven

wonder years, the

no closer to heaven

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Over the past four years-and the course of three beloved albums-the Wonder Years have rapidly risen through the pop-punk ranks on their way to cementing themselves as the genre's leading force. If the band's fifth album is any indication, they seem unlikely to give up the throne anytime soon. Simply put: There's not another band in this scene who could replicate what the Wonder Years have done here. - altpress.com