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07. November 2014
Genre: Stonerrock

wolf blood

wolf blood


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Über diesen Artikel

"Wolf Blood is indeed that brutal-'brutal' as in smack-your-face loud rock-n-roll, amps on fire, packed house, broken glass, cops-breaking-up-the-party brutal." -Homegrown Music Festival Field Guide, 2014 After selling out the entire first cassette-pressing of their debut album in less than a week, Wolf Blood is set to release the vinyl version of the self-titled monster in September, 2014 on Burning World Records. Their tour begins September 28. Check out Wolf-Blood on Facebook for date and venue specifics. Formed in a dank basement during the infamous 2012 Duluth, Minnesota flood, guitarist Mike Messina and drummer Jake Paulsrud started writing psycho-sludge experiments that sounded too stoned to be metal, and too baneful to be indie-rock. They ... mehr lesen