• 1.1. like chrome
  • 1.2. tongue
  • 1.3. heart is a far light
  • 1.4. salvage
  • 1.5. dans ce
  • 1.6. a nature (shards)
  • 1.7. living joy
  • 1.8. fruit tree
  • 1.9. further not better
10. Juni 2014


what's between

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Über diesen Artikel

To many, 'What's Between' will be viewed simply as the debut solo album by Irish singer songwriter James Kelly, aka WIFE, but to fans of the critically acclaimed metal band, Altar of Plagues, this album marks the return of a much admired talent. As front man in Altar of Plagues, James Kelly was lauded as being partly responsible for creating some of the most innovative music to emerge out of the metal scene in recent years. After the release of their third album, which many viewed as a creative high point, they surprised everyone and disbanded soon afterwards. This decision was partially due to Kelly feeling the band had gone as far as they could, but also because of a burning desire he'd developed to make a very different kind of record leading to ... mehr lesen