• 1.1. keep a secret
  • 1.2. intentions
  • 1.3. courage
  • 1.4. timebomb
  • 1.5. rollercoaster ride
  • 1.6. high on the heels
  • 1.7. 1517
  • 1.8. gravity
  • 1.9. promise less or do more
  • 1.10. dead end
  • 1.11. island
27. Februar 2009
Genre: Indie

whitest boy alive, the


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The Whitest Boy Alive 'Rules'! - Second album following the successful debut 'Dreams'!! - CD in deluxe digipak with foldout poster-booklet included and also available as high quality limited edition vinyl!!! - 11 new songs recorded in Mexiko, no overdubs, no effects. The Whitest Boy Alive are: erlend oye - guitar and vocals, marcin oz - bass, sebastian maschat - drums, daniel nentwig - rhodes and crumar synthesizer. The Whitest Boy Alive follow their own rules: It's four guys in one room. No overdubs, no FX. The music has to be recorded live in one take. Nothing to be added which cannot be played live by a band from Berlin with Erlend Oye as the singer and guitar player. You do that as long as it takes. This time they did it in a studio called "Glass ... mehr lesen