• 1.1. this extravagant lie
  • 1.2. the other light
  • 1.3. the light
  • 1.4. in the garden
  • 1.5. devenir immortel...
  • 1.6. the lines between us
  • 1.7. let it burn
  • 1.8. manifest destiny
  • 1.9. outlines
  • 1.10. what shall you say tonight?
25. Januar 2019
Genre: Indie

vassalotti, david

guitar dream

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Über diesen Artikel

David Vassalotti is a founding member of 4AD recording artists Merchandise and first saw recognition in seminal Tampa hardcore punk legends Cult Ritual (Youth Brigade Records). Parallel to Merchandise's 4 LP run David has released 2 solo LPs; 2011's Book of Ghosts and 2016's Broken Rope as well as the False Xmas EP in 2011 under the moniker "()." David collaborated with Ben Greenberg (Uniform, The Men), ZZ Ramirez (The Ukiah Drag, Destruction Unit) and his partner in Merchandise, Carson Cox in the band Coca Leaf which released the Deep Marble Sunrise LP to critical acclaim in 2017. While Vassalotti is well known for his intense live performances and his expansive knowledge of the post-punk guitar canon, we see a new focus on songwriting and nuanced ... mehr lesen