• 1.1. mssg
  • 1.2. wildflower
  • 1.3. black rainbow
  • 1.4. reich
  • 1.5. mesmerized
  • 1.6. 6am
  • 1.7. hypnotized narcissist
  • 1.8. no where to land
  • 1.9. mental disfunction mental arrangeme
  • 1.10. march hare
  • 1.11. the great pacific garbage patch
  • 1.12. coming down
  • 1.13. orange camel
  • 1.14. mausoleum
  • 1.15. orders
  • 1.16. krautpunk
11. April 2014


the reverb conspiracy volume 2

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Double LP, Colored Vinyl, 180g, Gatefold Cover, Ltd 1000. Fuzz Club and The Reverberation Appreciation Society (Austin Psych Fest) announce the second edition of their European psych compilation series The Reverb Conspiracy. The Reverb Conspiracy - Volume II brings together 16 of Europe's most interesting emerging psych bands, in a scene that is quickly gathering momentum around the world. The 2013 volume marks a year in which psych music has exploded across Europe with psych fest's appearing this summer in France, Denmark, Norway and the UK, and across the globe from Tokyo, LA and South Africa. A new wave of sounds are reverberating through underground scenes worldwide and shaping the sound of independent music today. "Psych" is best described as ... mehr lesen