• 1.1. bicharada
  • 1.2. maestros del r&r
  • 1.3. trinidad-e-o
  • 1.4. brown skin gal
  • 1.5. ba ba rum
  • 1.6. japanese rhumba
  • 1.7. hawaiian war chant
  • 1.8. guadawa
  • 1.9. uele
  • 1.10. jack, jack, jack
  • 1.11. jack sax the city
  • 1.12. boosehye moj
  • 1.13. el blob
  • 1.14. tahiti jungle
19. Oktober 2012
Genre: Garage


poco loco in the coco vol. 1


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Über diesen Artikel

Ultra-rare gems extracted from 45s and 78s records released in the 50s and early 60s by obscure record labels. A unique mix of genres perfect for a successful exotic party: TROPICALYPSO, PERSIAN CHA CHA CHA, LATIN AND ROLL, JAPANESE RHUMBA, HAWAIIAN SWING, POLYNESIAN SURF, BAHAMIAN DRUMS, MEXICAN MONSTERS, BRAZILIAN EXOTICA. "The craziest compilation of music from all over the world!!! This comp collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance craze platters from the 50s and 60s." "A brilliant & bonkers concoction of exotica and international nonsense novelties." "If you need something new to listen to after you've worn out yer Las Vegas Grind and Jungle Exotica records then this is for YOU! This platter will liven up any ... mehr lesen